Self-hypnosis lessons with the Therapy Partnership

Self-hypnosis tuition

Learn how to take yourself into self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is taught to almost everyone who comes for hypnotherapy with the Therapy Partnership and for many it proves to be a life-long skill and resource.

Possibly it helps to think of self-hypnosis as a form of “D–l–Y hypnosis” – a method by which one can take oneself into a very relaxed state, which is both restful and beneficial, enabling positive/helpful suggestions to be given to the subconscious mind.

To help develop this skill clients are given training during therapy and provided with a free CD which can be used to learn how to go into self-hypnosis quickly and easily.

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In addition there is a short explanatory booklet which is also given to clients.

Among the important benefits of auto-hypnosis are that it helps you relax under your own direction while assisting you to progress in your own time with your therapy.

Using this technique can also help deal with anticipated events, enabling you to prepare or rehearse for them.

It gives you more self-control as well ... and it is a skill you will be able to make use of all your life.

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