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Looking for advice from an expjigsaw logoerienced clinical hypnotherapist?

You can start here …

As you explore this website you will discover it has a wealth of information about hypnotherapy and its use with a range of issues and personal problems. This includes extensive, frequently updated pages listing published clinical research conducted around the world.

All this is part of the Therapy Partnership's efforts to offer clear, balanced advice on the wide-ranging benefits of hypnotherapy by providing straightforward explanations about the many issues where hypnotherapy can be helpful but also those more rare occasionswhen hypnotherapy may be contraindicated.

Increasingly the effectiveness of hypnotherapy to help with a range of issues is shown by clinicaltrials conducted around the world. So the site catalogues much of the research for issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, asthma and tinnitus.

In addition the site has a constantly expanding list of phobias and their causes. So take time to explore the site, read the detailed reports and find out what you are keen to know.

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