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Hypnotherapy can help overcome your phobia


The distinction between 'fear' and a 'phobia' is both real and important. Fear is part of our natural survival instinct. It is caused by the perception of imminent danger, whether real or imagined and arouses the 'fight or flight' response in us.

anxious womanBut a phobia is an irrational, often obsessive and persistent fear of a situation, place, object or experience which are not genuinely threatening.

If you have a phobia it is quite likely that you already recognise that your fear is irrational – but that does not make it any less of a problem.

Sometimes the origins of this condition are known - sometimes it is not while the intensity of the emotions it arouses can range from mild to extreme.   This also brings with it a feeling of loss of control.

Often phobias impose severe limitations; limitations on what a person feels able to do, where they can go. In their effort to cope, people with phobias will often develop avoidance techniques. Phobias can be life limiting.

anxious woman

Sound familiar? Well the good news is that phobias frequently respond extremely well to hypnotherapy, enabling clients to regain a sense of being in control of their lives. And bringing to an end a personal problem which may well have lasted for many years.

A sense of losing or being out of control is a very common feature of phobias. The techniques employed by skilled hypnotherapists can enable you to develop and maintain the understanding and knowledge that you are in control.

Fortunately hypnotherapy offers effective ways overcoming these  emotional/psychological problems.

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