... Remember this when making a hypnotherapy appointment

Some things to consider when arranging consultations or appointments


Deciding whether to go into therapy – and choosing a therapist – are important personal steps. So it is sensible to do it carefully and with due consideration.

It is essential you feel comfortable, confident and at ease with whomever you decide to work with. Many people find it helpful to meet a therapist first to talk things over.

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So one of the first features you might like to check is whether the therapist you are considering offers a free initial consultation. The Therapy Partnership introduced this option many years ago and it proved very beneficial to both the client and the therapist.

Having the chance of a free consultation enables you to discuss your problems, ask questions and decide whether you will feel this is the way to proceed.

At the Therapy Partnership this free consultation lasted about 20 to 30 minutes but that will vary from practice to practice, therapist to therapist.

After this chat you can go home to think it over or you can make an informed decision whether to go ahead there and then.

There should beno obligation on you to proceed if you don’t wish to and it is essential you feel confident with the therapy and the therapist.

Most people prefer to conduct their consultation by themselves however asome people like to be accompanied by a relative or a friend. Again if that is what you would like, the check it with the therapist. The choice should be entirely up to each individual client

If you would like to discusss the benefits of a initial face-to-face consultation, or any other aspect of hypnotherapy, you are welcome to contact Bill Doulti on 01322 863580 or email by clicking the link below


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