... Anxious? Hypnotherapy for anxiety with the Therapy Partnership

Helping you deal with anxiety


During our lives many – possibiy most – of us experience anxiety in one form or another. And it does indeed take many forms and cause a range of responses. anxious woman

Anxiety is not the same as fear. Fear is focused on specific, perceived threats.

Anxiety however can be caused by unidentified factors of which we are often not consciously aware. It can often create a sense of being out of control or of rushing towards some unknown, unavoidable danger.

The consequences can also vary enormously from person to person but physical effects can include heart palpitations, headaches, chest pains, difficulty breath, muscle weakness or tension, lethargy, muscle tension or weakness.

Often though it is the emotional effects which have the biggest impact. Constant or frequent feelings of apprehension, a lingering sense of dread, difficulty concentrating, obsessive behaviour or irritability.

Hypnotherapy has developed ways of helping clients deal with and overcome anxiety.

Naturally therapy is individually tailored to meet the needs of each client but often the first goal is to help the client relax and achieve a greater degree of calmness … and remain calm and in control.

After that it is usually necessary to identify the real source of the anxiety then enable the client to learn how to see the cause of their anxiety from a different perspective. At that stage a form of cognitive behavioural therapy is often integrated with hypnotherapy to assist clients achieve changes in their outlook and feelings.

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